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That tweet came back to haunt Abraham Lincoln

The Washington Post has embarked upon an interesting enterprise – taking statements of Abraham Lincoln and reprinting them 150 years later – via Twitter.

For example, on November 1, 2011, @AbeLincolnWP tweeted this statement:

“The President is pleased to direct that Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan assume the command of the Army of the United States”

Of course, by 2014 @AbeLincolnWP will presumably be tweeting a different tune.

This project will presumably end in 2015. However, back in 2009, competitor TIME Magazine reprinted something from Historical Tweets, who jumped the gun:

Gr8 show tonite. Ford is the perfect venue for AAAAARRGH!!

Making toast, from fireplace to microwave – the evolution of Toastmasters communications

If you also read my Empoprise-BI business blog, you’ll see a post in a few days that discusses the software used by many Toastmasters clubs to manage their websites.

But the Toastmasters didn’t always publicize themselves on websites. After all, the Internet didn’t exist when the first Toastmasters meeting was held in Santa Ana, California in 1924.

The Toastmasters timeline records that the organization began publishing a Toastmasters magazine in December 1932. I don’t know whether they sent it to individual members via the U.S. Post Office (there was no U.S. Postal Service back then), or if they sent it in bulk to individual clubs for distribution.

In 1973, the magazine expanded to a larger 8 1/2″ x 11″ size.

By 1995, the organization had launched its website, toastmasters.org.

In 2002, they began “assisting members via email.”

In May 2009, the @toastmasters Twitter account was established.

Two months later, the organization began an e-learning program (Toastmasters Learning Connection).

By 2011, the magazine was available in digital form. Now THAT’S not exactly like the first Toastmasters book that Ralph Smedley wrote in 1928.

Then again, perhaps it is.

Speaking of printed books…

2012 January
The Chart of Motions is the last product printed on World Headquarters printing presses.

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