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Generation gap? How about decade gap?

I think that most people realize that there are clearly generation gaps, and that things that make perfect sense to an older generation are complete nonsense to another generation, and vice versa.

But now I’m wondering if the gap is narrowing.

The much-talked-about blog When Parents Text recently published a post entitled Collectables. In the series of texts, a father offering something for an auction that his son/daughter was holding. The reaction: “Who would buy those?”

No, the father didn’t offer a John Denver 8-track tape.

And no, he didn’t offer a Betamax tape of The Breakfast Club.

Dad offered a set of personality identification playing cards that became the rage when the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003. This isn’t ancient history to the son/daughter in question. since the invasion occurred nine years ago, the Ace of Spades (Saddam Hussein) was executed in 2006, and U.S. forces only left Iraq a few months ago.

Yet to this person, the invasion of Iraq appears to be about as relevant as the completion of the Erie Canal.

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