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(empo-muvei) Whither the Day-Timer? It’s not pining for the fjords just yet.


Tony Wong’s ebook, Mooove Ahead! Of the Corporate Herd, draws upon Wong’s years of experience in the corporate world. And based upon the timeline provided in the book (he was at San Jose City College at the same time that Bruce Jenner was preparing for the 1976 Olympics), his corporate experience exceeds mine.

Because one of his two target audiences is those just entering the workforce after graduating from college, Wong occasionally has to explain some things in his ebook. For example, the Prologue includes this explanatory text:

…it was essentially a small binder calendar and very popular in the late ’80s…

Wong is speaking of the Day-Timer, the organizational tool that Wong was encouraged to use at that time. He then goes on to say:

At some point, technologies such as calendar software on smartphones and personal computers made the manual DayTime and similar products obsolete….

Tony Wong may not be using a Day-Timer any more, and I may not be using a Day-Timer any more, but SOMEONE is still using them. The Day-Timer company website still lists a variety of physical planners and accessories that can be purchased. And they have no intention of stopping sales of these items.

Day-Timer products are widely available through many resellers and distribution channels including the company’s online retail site and catalog, office supply superstores, major retail outlets, commercial contract dealers and wholesalers throughout North America. Day-Timer products are also available internationally through Day-Timer of Canada, Day-Timer UK, and Day-Timer Australia/New Zealand.

But what about electronic products? According to Lance Ulanoff, Day-Timer actually sold planning software for a while, but discontinued the software by 2002. I’m not sure why.

Day-Timer’s corporate parent, Acco, recently acquired the company that manufactures DayRunner and AT-A-GLANCE, two products that compete with Day-Timer. So perhaps this June 2012 news was not surprising:

Under intense competition from the Internet, the company is shuttering its headquarters and moving operations out of state, corporate parent Acco Brands Corp. of Lincolnshire, Ill., told employees this week.

Most employees refused to talk to the media after the closing was announced. Perhaps they were rushing to appointments. But Rich Nelson of corporate parent Acco did talk:

“It no longer makes economic sense to keep both,” Acco spokesman Rich Nelson said of Day-Timer and MeadWestvaco’s redundant manufacturing capabilities.

The Day-Timer brand will live on, however. While Nelson acknowledged the impact of the Internet, he also insisted that paper office products remain “a very robust business.”

“There are quite a few people who prefer the paper calendar format,” he said.

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