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The Reed College Quest, non-physically

When I was in college, I was involved with the Reed College Quest, the weekly student newspaper. Back in those days, we would type the articles (I recall typing them on the college’s PDP-11/70 computer), send them down to the Sellwood Bee to get typeset, physically lay out the paper, send the laid-out pages to the Sellwood Bee, then receive the printed copies of the paper.

I have no idea how they produce the physical copies of the Quest today, but if you told me back then that someday I could go to a computer thousands of miles away and view an online version of the Quest, I would not have been able to conceive what you can find today at http://www.reedquest.org/. Color pictures? No need to route the articles via !teklabs!? My mind literally would have been blown.

P.S. The Sellwood Bee is online also.

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