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It will be harder to key your car

[DISCLOSURE: I work for a subsidiary of Morpho, one of the companies mentioned in this post.]

Back in the late twentieth century, if you wanted to unlock and start your car, you would use a metal object called a “key.” I still use such a device today.

Alternatives to keys have emerged, and Morpho and Valeo are working on one of those alternatives:

Morpho has teamed up with its technology partner Valeo, a major automotive equipment supplier, to introduce Valeo InBlue™ Virtual Key System, an innovative virtualization and remote car key management solution.

The Valeo InBlue™ Virtual Key System turns users’ mobile phones into a connected key with which they can lock, unlock and start their cars….

And since a smartphone has a lot more computing and communication capability than your average hunk of metal, there are other things that you can do.

And when you couple the capability of a smartphone to start a car with the capability of a car to be driverless, you could do some pretty fantastic – or pretty terrifying – stuff.

Incidentally, there’s an interesting discussion on Quora about driverless cars vs. augmented cars.

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