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When something becomes scarce, it is celebrated – California Bookstore Day

As our favorite things become obsolete, some of us hang on to them and celebrate them. David Allen has alerted us of an upcoming celebration:

David Kipen, who runs the store Libros Schmibros in Boyle Heights, alerted me that next May 3 will be the first California Bookstore Day. Its motto: “Like Record Store Day, but nerdier.”

Oh, and if you want to go to Libros Schmibros to learn more about California Bookstore Day, don’t. They’re closed right now:

[W]e close for our winter break, December 23 through January 8.

Now that’s EXTREMELY rare.

But websites are always up, and Green Apple Books has information on the day:

California Bookstore Day, on Saturday May 3, 2014, is a project of the Northern and Southern California Independent Booksellers Associations, representing several hundred bookstores.

We believe indie bookstores are an essential part of lively communities, the free-flow of ideas, and the thrill of discovery.

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