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Regurgitated news, the 1821 edition

Whatever one may think of Alex Jones, this post from Prison Planet is accurate:

Where can you go to find “trusted” news about Fukushima? Well according to Google News, only the mainstream sources are “trusted” these days. That’s why they’ve removed nearly all alternative news sites from their news index, leaving only the monotone, mindless canned mainstream news sources for people to read.

But just how mindless are these mainstream news sources? To find out, I did a Google search on spent fuel rods and plutonium, and the results were a massive regurgitation of the exact same news from multiple mainstream news sources.

The details, found here, demonstrate that all of the major news “sources” just re-run the same stuff. That article that you found on the Huffington Post, Mashable, or wherever was, more often than not, originally published somewhere else.

This is a common complaint about the so-called online news industry.

But the complaint is nothing new.

In 2011, the Saturday Evening Post published an online article celebrating its 190th anniversary. “But John,” you’re saying to yourself, “how could the Post have been only 190 years old when it was founded by Benjamin Franklin?” Read the article for the true story of the “link” between the magazine and Benjamin Franklin – but it certainly made for some wonderful marketing in the 1960s.

And you’ll see one other thing in the discussion of the August 4, 1821 issue:

But when it came to filling up the pages with copy, the Post did what modern newspapers still do; reprint items of passing interest from other newspapers.

Yes, even in 1821, there was not enough news to fill all of the newspapers, so the Post had to get some news from other sources.

The City Gazette of Washington says, that in [leveling the ground] in front of the President’s house, the laborers came to a spot where five graves were opened. One of the coffins was in perfect preservation, and the remains of a corpse was exposed, exhibiting long dark hair, perfectly strong and neatly folded up under the skull. [The White House grounds are] said to have been the burying ground of the Peerce family, of Bladensburg, and that the bodies have been interred about 40 years.

It’s a wonder that Alex Jones hasn’t hopped on that story yet.

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