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Things I wrote four years ago are already outdated

In the process of writing a music post that referenced a tymshft post, I linked to a business post that was one of the posts that inspired me to create the tymshft blog.

Or, to put it more succinctly, I recently read a post that I wrote four years ago.

And I laughed.

The post started as follows:

Recently my Google Reader feed was flooded with items regarding new things from Amazon.

Yes, at one time Google Reader was one of my primary information-gathering tools. Now it no longer exists.

But the real funny part occurred later in the post.

Now many of us still primarily think of Amazon as that place from which you can get CDs.

What’s a CD? Even I don’t buy CDs any more.

The basic point of the post, by the way, still rings true. We will still continue to alternate between two models of computing, a “benevolent model” with centralized services, and a “rugged individualist model” in which you do everything yourself. Right now we’re on the benevolent cloud side of the pendulum, but within a few short years people will “take control” and the pendulum will shift.

But you won’t find an announcement of the latest Rugged Individualists CD in your Google Reader.

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One thought on “Things I wrote four years ago are already outdated

  1. Jim Ulvog on said:

    That’s funny. Amazing that a merely four year old post is ancient.

    I’ve only been blogging three years and am quite content to wait a few more years before I start noticing how much my comments have aged and how far off my observations are from what actually happens.

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