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Why am I being invited to fly to a telecom conference?

I recently received an e-mail invitation to the TelcoVision 2013 conference.

TelcoVision is North America’s premier event devoted to Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 broadband service providers. As telcos, cable companies, and other communications providers move to all-IP broadband engines TelcoVision sets the course for innovative new services, revenue and profit growth in this highly dynamic market.

Unfortunately for them, I’m not in the telecommunications industry. I see that James Taylor is on the schedule, but it’s not James Taylor the singer; it’s some other James Taylor.

But in addition to the fact that I’m outside the target audience, there’s another odd thing about this. If this is a conference for telecommunications broadband providers, why is everyone flying to a single location for the conference? “Yes, we’re going to promote broadband telecommunications, but let’s all ignore the technology we’re promoting and fly to Vegas!”

And we all know that people who fly are eco-terrorists.

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