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The telegram, 1844-2013?

Back in 2011, before I officially started this blog, I wrote a post entitled The typewriter, 1867-2011. The last typewriter manufacturer – Godrej and Boyce in Mumbai, India – had shut down its production plant.

Well, you can add to the list of technologies beginning with the letter T and being used in India and nowhere else. Kevin Nunez alerted me to this Newser article:

5,000 telegrams are still sent every day in India. But that’s all coming to an end on July 13, when the country’s state-owned telecom company, BSNL, will end its telegraph service for good.

And that’s the end of the telegram – sort of.

In the process of researching the first date of telegram service, I ran across a company called USA Telegram. However, their telegrams are only delivered to Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill, and the website has a last copyright date of 2009.

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