There is nothing new under the sun…turn, turn, turn

Chris Hoeller isn’t doing anything. Welcome to the future.

I just read an interesting Google+ post from Chris Hoeller entitled “Automatic Technology.” Here’s an excerpt:

The next benchmark innovation is “automatic technology,” a coin I’ve phrased that encompasses wearable tech, embedded systems, and self-driving cars.

They all go hand in hand to create a seamless experience for the user. Imagine that your entire house, your wearable device, and your car are all apart of the same system. The technology knows where you are and what [you’re] doing.

And, more importantly, you don’t have to DO anything. Hoeller goes through a scenario that includes the following:

You are about to leave your house and you pop on your Google glasses or watch and they automatically power on. The system shifts to this mobile mode without you having to do anything….

You get in your self-driving car and the system automatically knows to switch to that. You input where you want to go, and it does the grunt work for you….

You can watch a movie, make a phone call, or surf the web without thinking about it….

Now there have been labor-saving devices for millennia. The calculator allows you to perform math with minimal thought. The washing machine lets you throw clothes and soap into a tub, and the clothes just wash. The wheel lets you move stuff around without breaking your back.

But notice Hoeller’s use of the word “automatic.” With calculators, washing machines, and wheels, you still have to do SOMETHING. We’re now moving toward a time when things just happen. You grab your wearable device, and it automatically powers on and activates. You say “I want to eat with psychos!” and the car drives to Amy’s Baking Company.

There’s still a little bit of interaction, since you still have to put the wearable device and you still have to speak your destination. But it is becoming more and more automatic.

But what happens when the automatic technology becomes PREDICTIVE technology?

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