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Words on paper? What is that?

Michael Hanscom posted his Christmas list – primarily for his father’s benefit, but if anyone else wanted to buy him stuff he probably wouldn’t mind. One of his Christmas list categories, however, is a little puzzling.

Books! Words on paper! Physical entertainment that doesn’t need plugs, batteries, or anything more than a little free time and a comfortable place to sit.

I wasn’t able to figure out the compatibility requirements for these “words on paper,” so I asked a few questions.

Michael, could you explain this “words on paper” thing that you mentioned in your post? You say that it doesn’t need plugs or batteries – so is it solar powered? How much will the words on paper providers charge us to store these things in the cloud? Under what circumstances will the providers negate our license to the content and take our words on paper away? This whole idea seems way too futuristic and extremely unattainable.

Very confusing.

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