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How I learned about the death of Edward Anatolevich Hill

I have written about Edward Anatolevich Hill several times in my Empoprise-MU music blog. The most recent mention of “Mr. Trololo” was in December 2010, in a post that described how the Gifford Children’s Choir in Racine, Wisconsin performed their version of the famous “Trololo” song (a/k/a “I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home”).

I hadn’t written about the original singer, Hill (or Khil) in some time. Today, I am sad to report that he has passed away.

Russian baritone Eduard Khil, whose Trololo song enjoyed a comeback in 2010 after decades of oblivion, died in a St. Petersburg hospital at the age of 77 on Monday….

Khil was born in Smolensk on September 4, 1934. He died Monday morning in a St. Petersburg hospital after irreversible damage from a stroke at the end of May.

You may be asking yourself – why am I writing about this in tymshft, instead of in my music blog?

Because of the WAY in which I learned of Mr. Khil’s death.

About an hour ago, Jesse Harris shared a video on Google+. The video began with the message “R.I.P. Eduard Khil,” which prompted me to investigate.

The video? A guitar-based metal version of the “Trololo” song.

The song is performed by 331Erock.

I wonder if he’s recorded a metal version of the ground from P.D.Q. Bach’s Iphigenia in Brooklyn.

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