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Levittown in the 21st century

Levittown, New York (and the other Levittowns) have entered into history as the pioneers of suburbia – specifically, the construction of large tracts of identical homes with a numbing sameness.

However, as time passes, the numbing sameness changes. Individual homeowners make changes to their homes, resulting in the emergence of diversity.

This 2009 post in Regulus Star Notes cites a 2007 New York Times article. The New York Times claims that of all of the original Levittown homes, only one – a home at 2 Flax Lane – remains unchanged from its original look. The other homes have second floors and extensive changes in trim.

And even if the homes themselves remained unchanged, all the trees have grown.

The 2009 blog post author records a visit to 2 Flax Lane:

Gary took this picture of the house at 2 Flax Lane earlier today. He was on Long Island visiting his dad, sister, and step mom for the Thanksgiving holiday.

In the intervening two years, the house is still unchanged — except the storm door seems to have vanished. Those little bushes having grown a inch, or else they are trimmed regularly.

Compare this house to 1 Flax Lane, right across the street. It was originally built in 1948, but present listings indicate that the house has 6 bedrooms and 2 full baths.

I have no idea whether there have been subsequent modifications to the home – Google Maps doesn’t appear to show any – but it’s interesting to note that one of the most distinctive-looking American communities from 60 years ago now no longer has its famous look.

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