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Boy bands again and again and again and again

During the Backstreet Boys et al boy band craze, Jack in the Box came up with a parody boy band called the Meaty Cheesy Boys. Recently I noticed that the Meaty Cheesy Boys website had, after many years, finally been retired.

well @JackBox finally took down the meaty cheesy boys website, despite the emergence of justin bieber. and tim tebow.

Then I read a Los Angeles Times article that indicated that Jack may have acted a little prematurely.

In what seems to be as predictably cyclical as the stock market, bubble gum bands are back and trying to fill a void left by the maturation of Justin Bieber and other precursors. And as always, they’re working extra hard in competing with one another to stand out.

The article discusses bands such as One Direction, Mindless Behavior, Wanted, and Big Time Rush. Unbeknownst to me, the latter band is a 21st century version of the Monkees; Big Time Rush has had a hit show on Nickelodeon since 2009 and has also starred in a TV movie. (And no, I don’t think Jack Nicholson was involved in THIS movie.)

While many see the re-emergence of boy bands, Carson Daly is skeptical.

He said American listeners had matured past the syrupy sweet pop and toward more genre-blending sounds. “We moved further away from the produced pop bands. The Spice Girls, ‘NSyncs and Backstreet Boys — that was an era that I think is over.”

“How many pop groups are you hearing on the radio?” asked Daly, who hosts”The Voice”and co-anchors a morning radio show on KAMP-FM (97.1). “I play Top 40 every day. You just don’t see these young boy bands or girl groups. It’s not the thing that’s working right now.”

However, there is no one market. Maybe Carson Daly isn’t playing these bands every day on his radio show, and maybe this middle-aged guy has never heard of them, but they have inspired their own fans – or fanaticism.

I know I should be staring at Kendall Schmidt‘s shirtless brother, Kevin, but I can’t take my eyes off Yuma, the little micro pig on a leash. The Brothers Schmidt were out for a stroll in their Los Angeles neighborhood yesterday (March 21st).

For the record (heh), it’s Kendall that’s the boy band star (he’s in Big Time Rush), but the Schmidt family, like other families before it (think the Spears family) apparently has multiple talented dreamboats within it.

Now I wouldn’t be able to tell Kendall from Kevin Schmidt if they were walking down the street, but there are millions of people who can. And before you pooh-pooh this segment of the population as infantile, what did YOU do when Marky Mark or David Cassidy posed topless back when YOU were younger?

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