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The time shift within tymshft

When I initially coined the phrase “tymshft” several years ago, I intended to discuss how things change – or, more often, do not change – over time.

But there’s a more basic meaning to the phrase – the actual shifting of time, such as that which occurs when Daylight Saving Time begins and ends.

Or that which occurs when two people observe a parade from two different vantage points.

Or when I write blog posts.

You probably haven’t noticed this, but the majority of posts in the tymshft blog appear on weekdays at 7:00 am Pacific time. In a similar manner, the majority of posts in my Empoprise-BI business blog appear on weekdays at 5:00 am Pacific time. And when I write in my Inland Empire, music, or NTN Buzztime blogs, those posts generally appear at certain times of the day also.

Let me provide you with a tip – I’m usually not awake at 4:59 am, putting the final touches on business blog posts. (Although one person thought I was.) And normally at 7:00 am when posts appear in this blog, I’m nowhere near a working computer (if I’m on time, I’m usually on the freeway). Both WordPress (the blog engine for tymshft) and Blogger (the blog engine for the other blogs) offer the ability to schedule posts, which allows me to have posts appear at these preferred times.

Because the web is literally world-wide, the timing of posts has no universal effect. Perhaps my business blog posts appear before the financial markets open on the U.S. east coast, but in Europe the business day is nearing its end. Even the timing of the posts on the NTN Buzztime blog (a blog which is only currently relevant in the United States and Canada) doesn’t make a large amount of difference – while the posts occur at lunchtime on the West Coast, they appear in the middle of the afternoon on the East Coast – a time when many people probably aren’t thinking of gaming.

Last week I finally got around to establishing a Seesmic account (yeah, I know it’s late – I am not trendy). This allows me to schedule tweets, posts in my personal Facebook wall, and posts on my Facebook pages (but sadly, not on my Google+ stream or pages). At this point I don’t know how much I’ll use its scheduling features, but at least they’re there.

Which raises a final question – why do tymshft posts appear at 7:00 am Pacific? Well, there’s a highly scientific reason – because I’m not publishing anything else at that hour.

So now you know about the time shift behind tymshft – and I am free to enjoy the rest of my Saturday morning. Happy Wednesday.

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